CCCTC Announces Scott Beers as Graduate of the Month

CCCTC graduate of the month

Scott Beers attended the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) graduating in 2017 from the Electrical Occupations program.

Scott decided on attending the CCCTC for Electrical Occupations because he wanted to learn the electrical trade and knew that he would learn the skills at CCCTC.

CCCTC Adult Cosmo Program Holding Benefit for Baby Elijah

Congratulations to Recent CCCTC Truck Driver Training Graduates

Congratulations to the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center‘s (CCCTC)  Truck Driver Training (TDT) March 2018 graduates. Students in the TDT program are enrolled in a 4 week program that includes instruction in the classroom and lab,

Truck Driver Training Students at CCCTC Hear from President of M & C Trucking

John Muchesko, President of M and C Trucking of Seward, PA came to the Clearfield County Career and Technology’s Truck Driver Training (TDT) program to speak to the March graduating class.  Mr. Muchesko spent time talking with students and answering questions. 

CCCTC Electrical Occupations’ Students Help Install Security Cameras With Clearfield Electric

The Clearfield County Career & Technology Center (CCCTC) frequently partners with local businesses and community on a variety of projects to give students real life hands-on experiences.

CCCTC SkillsUSA Holds Penny Wars to Shave Instructors Beard

The Clearfield County Career & Technology Center’s (CCCTC) SkillsUSA students recently held a penny war in each program (AM and PM). The winner of the penny war would then have the opportunity to shave Mr.

CCCTC Adult Cosmetology Students Benefit from Paul Mitchell Presentation

The Adult Cosmetology students at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center (CCCTC) recently had Nick Ortega, Paul Mitchell National Trainer, visit their classroom with a training presentation.

CCCTC Drafting Student, Destiny Mesmer, Creates Solar House

The students at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center (CCCTC) will have various projects due at their sending schools and will combine their learning at CCCTC to complete them. Destiny Mesmer,

CCCTC Announces Third Marking Period Awards

Highest Honors – 95% or Higher

Administrative Office Technology

Juliana Windhorst

Julian Colton

Architectural Drafting

Mason McKenrick

Abigail Connor

Brooke Kress

Kaitlin Lenkevich

Automotive Mechanics

Barry Kephart

Josh Coulter

Austin Snyder

Hope Hess

Jeric Gibbons

Jacob Lesko

Caleb Kitko

Joshua Howard  


Brandon Smith

Ronnie Polisky

Dakota Moore

Quentin Edwards

Hunter Knepp

Matthew Johnson

Brett Sherkel

Hudson Pase


Mateeia Breon

Alyssa Ferguson

Shawna Myers

Hannah Switala

Collision Repair

Mackenzie Mann

Kevin Croyle

Lane Titus

Jacob Shaw

Nathan Johnson

James Bainey

Desiree Parada

Carl Morrissey

Nickolas Clark

Raden Myers


Chelsey Wilson-Grosser

Jacob Smith

Alexandria Goodrow

Debbie Pritchard

Anastasio Garcia


Malachi Dixson

Dalton Laird

Micah Heichel

Diversified Occupations

Samantha Wible


Dariek Humenay 

Health Occupations

Natasha Knepp

Paige Bryan

Lindsey Shaw

Camryn Frank

Jeska English


Devon Muoio

Kevin Mick

Information Technology

Aaron McCracken

Matthew Fluck

Alexander Thompson

Tyler Hubler

Christopher Girardi

Anthony Rowles

Branden Evans

Jordan Stockwell

Franklin Nelson

Jonathan Bowman

Isaac Gallaher

Reese Wells

John Gonzalez

Jarrett Bezilla

Jeffrey Trimpey

Justin Clark

Keaton Skutt

David Guerra


Kyler Hentry

Samuel Pennington

Kyle Clouser

Alexander Fleming


Lyndsi Foley, CCCTC Collision Repair Student, Receives Certification

The Collision Repair program at the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) has several certifications that can be earned during the student’s enrollment. One of those certifications is the S/P2 safety certification.