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CCCTC’s DMA Students To Help Create Brand Identity

Former Philadelphia Zoo animal educator, Ryan Albright, came to the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center on Wednesday, December 19 to speak to the Digital Media Arts program about his new venture providing animal education programs for the Clearfield County area. Digital Media Arts students will be working over the next several months to help...


CCCTC Collision and Deisel Students Transform Bus

The Clearfield County Career& Technology Center (CCCTC) CollisionRepair and Diesel students have been working over the past few months to transform the CCCTC bus that was in need of a makeover.  Mr. Darrin Dale, Collision Repair Instructor, said that both his AM and PM students helped restore the bus by removing old stickers, and sanding...


Advanced Powder Products, Inc. Talk with CCCTC Precision Machine Students

Advanced Powder Products, Inc. (APP), Philipsburg, PA, recently talked with Precision Machine students at the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC). Two representatives from APP explained the process of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and how this process is capable of making parts that have a complex shape with very little waste, and produce them very...