CCCTC Adult Cosmetology Students Pay It Forward

Students in the Adult Cosmetology program at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center (CCCTC) have Friday challenges that the instructor assigns them weekly. The most recent challenge was the “Pay It Forward” challenge. The group had to find 3 people that they didn’t know that need a day of beauty. The day of beauty would consist of a free manicure, pedicure, and facial done by the students at the CCCTC. They students had to talk with several people in the community to find who they thought would need a day of beauty. The coupons they handed out also allows the recipient to pay it forward by bringing a friend for a spa day as well! The students talked about how the “Pay It Forward” challenge really changed their way of thinking and helping. CCCTC Cosmetology student in front row from left to right: Mackenzie Ward, Ashley DeSantis. Back row from left to right: Ashley Redden, Hollie Schneider, Brielle Holes, Madison Moore, and Alyssa Amblod. To learn more about the CCCTC Adult Cosmetology Program, visit us at