CCCTC Adult Cosmetology Students visit Bennett & Houser Funeral Home

Students in the adult cosmetology program at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center (CCCTC) recently visited the Bennett and Houser Funeral Home in Clearfield. The cosmetology instructor, Debbie Gmerek, said that she wanted to show her students different jobs you can get with a cosmetology license. Jennifer Keopka and Caitlin Miller, Funeral Directors at Bennett And Houser Funeral Home, Inc., welcomed the class into their business and explained the process of taking care of someone’s loved one. They explained that they do everything they can from makeup to hair to help make the individual look their best. Ms. Keopka and Ms. Miller explained that they will call in hairstylists to help them. The students were given a tour of Bennett And Houser Funeral Home, Inc. and were very gracious for the amount of information they gained. Shown in photo from left to right in the front row: Mackenzie Ward, Hollie Schneider, Ashley DeSantis,  CCCTC cosmetology students, and Debbie Gmerek, CCCTC Adult Cosmetology Instructor. Back row from left to right: Ashley Bortot, Madison Moore, Brielle Holes, Alyssa Amblod,  CCCTC cosmetology students, Caitlin Miller, Funeral Director/Embalmer and Jennifer Keopka, Funeral Director. For more information on the CCCTC cosmetology program visit us at