CCCTC Announces Cody Livergood as Graduate of the Month

CCCTC graduate of the month

Cody Livergood attended the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) graduating in 2017 from the Precision Machine program.

Cody decided on attending the CCCTC for Precision Machine for a variety of different reasons. He liked that is was close to where he lived and it only took 9 months to earn his certifications and get into the workforce and into the field he wanted.  Cody explained that one thing that helped him during his time in the program is that he learned how to read and use different types of measuring tools needed to read measurements down to the ten thousandths of an inch.

Cody was hired by Cutting Edge Machining Solutions located in Drifting, PA. before he even graduated from the CCCTC. Cody was originally employed as a basic laborer and within two months was a full time CNC operator.

Cody Livergood  is only one example of how CCCTC graduates use their education to strengthen the industry in their field of study.

To enroll in our Precision Machine Program at CCCTC, call Holly Ryan at 814-768-4603 or visit