CCCTC Announces Jarrett Wharton as Graduate of the Month

CCCTC graduate of the month

Jarrett Wharton attended the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) and graduated in 2017 from the Welding and Fabrication program.

During his time at CCCTC, Jarrett said one of the things he learned from Mr. Dave Rupert, Welding and Metal Fabrication Instructor, was that in order to get your task finished, you need to have a strong work ethic and determination.  When asked what he would tell someone that is thinking about attending the CCCTC, he explained, “The knowledge and experience that Mr. Rupert brings from the trade from his own work experience gave me a great education. He also taught us the tricks of the trade.”

Jarrett is currently attending the Divers Academy International in Erial, NJ,  where they teach underwater welding, for commercial diving and working for Blackwater Diving in Louisiana as a commercial diver.

Jarrett Wharton is only one example of how CCCTC graduates use their education to strengthen the industry in their field of study.

To enroll in our Welding and Fabrication program at CCCTC, call Holly Ryan at 814-768-4603 or visit