CCCTC Announces Remington McGarry as Graduate of the Month

CCCTC graduate of the month

Remington McGarry attended the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC), graduating in 2016 from the Information Technology program.

During his time at CCCTC, Remington said one of the things he learned from Mr. Jerome Mick, Information Technology Instructor, was the ability to troubleshoot problems quickly. He liked the fact that he got a lot of hands-on experience in the program. He chose the CCCTC to better his experience in the field of IT work.  

Remington is currently working at County National Bank in Information Technology Support. 

Remington McGarry is only one example of how CCCTC graduates use their education to strengthen the industry in their field of study. 

To enroll in our Information Technology program at CCCTC, call Holly Ryan at 814-768-4603 or visit