CCCTC Automotive Mechanics’ Students Doing Oil Changes and Free Ten Point Inspection

The Clearfield County Career and Technology Center’s Auto Mechanics students are learning the strong points to successful preventative maintenance. One main factor to good preventative maintenance is oil changes. With a L.O.F. (Lube, Oil, and Filter) the students also do a 10 point inspection. Each of the following points are covered in each oil change:

             1. Change oil & filter

             2. Check all other fluids

             3. Check or clean the air filter

             4. Check freeze point of coolant

             5. Perform a battery check up

             6. Check/Adjust tire pressure

             7. Check all lights

             8. Check drive belts

             9. Lube all fittings where available

            10. Reset Dashboard message/Install reminder sticker

The CCCTC Automotive Mechanics students are taking appointments now!  Call 814-765-5308 or email dkerlin@ to schedule. Thank you for supporting our current and future Auto Mechanic students!