CCCTC Drafting Student, Destiny Mesmer, Creates Solar House

The students at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center (CCCTC) will have various projects due at their sending schools and will combine their learning at CCCTC to complete them. Destiny Mesmer, CCCTC Drafting & Design student, is using her skills from the Drafting & Design program to assist her with a chemistry project due at her sending school.  Destiny is using Auto CAD in the Drafting program to create a design of a solar house that was cut on the laser cutter/engraver.  She has been learning how to insulate, build, and acquire the maximum amount of heat in the house.  During a test run, she set the house in the sun and it reached 107 degrees on the inside. Destiny has been working with Mr. Brad Dixon, CCCTC Drafting and Design Instructor, to obtain the correct measurements and cuts to complete the project.  To learn more about the opportunities at CCCTC, visit us at