CCCTC Electrical Graduate, Ben Panebianco, From IBEW Local 5 Speaks to Current Students

The students in Jack Rumfola’s Electrical Occupations program at the Clearfield County Career and Technology Program (CCCTC) had a former student speak to the class.  Mr. Ben Panebianco from IBEW Local 5 graduated from the CCCTC’s Electrical Occupations program as an outstanding student and is now employed by Lighthouse Electric  He explained to the students in the PM class about the opportunities available to them once they graduate. He explained how coming to the CCCTC will benefit them whether going straight into the workforce or onto college. He wanted them to know that college isn’t for everyone and learning a trade was a great path for him and is worth the education. To learn more about the electrical occupations program at the CCCTC visit us at