CCCTC Health Occupations Students Complete HIPPA Awareness Training

Students in the Health Occupations Technology program at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center (CCCTC) recently completed  HIPAA Awareness training.  The HIPAA Awareness training course satisfies the training requirements under HIPAA and provides an emphasis on HIPAA privacy. This course also provided an overview of other parts of HIPAA, such as HIPAA security. The Clearfield County Career and Technology Center is proud to highlight the talents and accomplishments of its students.  For more information about the CCCTC and its programs please visit us at   

In photo sitting L to R is Hailee Irwin, Clearfield Area H.S.; Alexander Shaffer, Curwensville Area H.S.; Madilyn Waseleski, Curwensville Area H.S.; Carley Francisco, Moshannon Valley H.S.; and Makenzie Cole, Clearfield Area H.S. Second row L to R is Montana Williams, West Branch H.S.; Shelby Smith, Moshannon Valley H.S.; Kelsey Jackson, Curwensville Area H.S.; Skylar Hartshorne, West Branch H.S.; Andriana Swatsworth, Curwensville H.S.; and Taylor Shaffer, Curwensville H.S. Back row L to R is Patricia Davis, Clearfield H.S.; Jay-Laa Stark, Philipsburg-Osceola H.S.; Emaleigh Wisor, Philipsburg-Osceola H.S.; Kiersten McGarry, Phlipsburg-Osceola H.S.; Carley Mosley, Moshannon Valley H.S.; and Hannah Tibbens, Curwensville Area H.S.
Front row L to R is Shaelyn Dotts, Moshannon Valley H.S.; Marlee Gasper, Curwensville H.S.; Jayley Coval, West Branch H.S.; Liberty Reed, Philipsburg-Osceola H.S.; Kylie Milligan, Clearfield Area H.S.; and Susan Mann, Clearfield Alliance Christian School. Back row L to R is Matthew Schall, Curwensville Area H.S.; Drenum Merritt, West Branch H.S.; Alexis Franks, Moshannon Valley H.S.; Olivia Bolton, Philipsburg-Osceola H.S.; Stefanie Robison, Clearfield Area H.S.; and Brooklyn Frantz, Clearfield Area H.S.