CCCTC Masonry Students Create and Build Custom Counter Top

Students in the Masonry and Construction program at the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) created and built a custom counter top to be used at the CCCTC. The students came up with the idea and the Drafting and Design program custom laser cut the logo to be placed on top of the counter top. Students then built the form, poured the concrete, used the stencil, and grouted the top to create design. They will be using a sealer to finish the project. Masonry students working on the project in photo from left to right: Brandon Young, Soaring Heights School; Hunter Baum, Clearfield Area High School; Kyle Taylor, West Branch Area High School; and Dustin Cambria, Moshannon Valley High School. To learn more about the opportunities at the CCCTC, visit us at