CCCTC Precision Machine Students Listen to Presentation from Interfuse Manufacturing

Students in the Precision Machine program at the Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) recently listened to a presentation from Interfuse Manufacturing.  Derek Harter and Kristine Langer, both from Interfuse, talked with the students about different opportunities available to them with the skills they learn in the Precision Machine program.  One of the skills Derek mentioned was the ability to read blueprints.  He talked about a student that graduated from CCCTC last year in the Cooperative Education program.  This student worked part-time at Interfuse and is now a full-time employee.  Derek said one of the student’s skills that stood out was that he was great at reading blueprints.  He also mentioned that this young man is now writing some of his own g-codes.  Derek said that as long as you understand the trade and how to apply it, you will be a valuable employee.  Kristine Langer talked about the benefits of working for Interfuse and how to apply for employment.  To learn more about the benefits of enrolling at the CCCTC for Precision Machining, call 814-765-5308 or visit us at