CCCTC Programs Offering Tip of the Week

Hunter Bloom (Philipsburg Osceola High School)-Automotive Mechanics student

This time of year, you might want to take a little time to evaluate the condition of your vehicles tires. No one wants to be stuck along the snow-covered roads in bitter temperatures with a flat tire. Here are a few items to check regularly: Is the tire pressure up to standard? Are the treads wearing irregular? Don’t forget to check tire pressure on your spare tire. Has it been 6,000 miles since last rotation? Are my tires the correct tread pattern for season? Can my driving habits hurt my tires? If you need answers to these simple questions, please feel free to contact us at 814-765-5308 for a free tire evaluation from our CCCTC Auto Mechanic students.

Thurston Bowes (Philipsburg Osceola High School)-Collision Repair student

Headlights that are functioning properly are key for safe nighttime driving. Research from AAA indicates that deteriorated and foggy looking headlights lenses can reduce the amount of light output by up to 80%.  Vehicle manufacturers put protective coating on the headlights to protect them.  The material wears off after a few years due to UV rays, road salt, and other harsh elements. Once the protective material wears off, the lenses become discolored and foggy.  One way to fix this is sand off the haze, starting with 1,200 grit sandpaper, then to 1,500 grit, and finally 3,000 grit and use a buffer and compound to finish. Make an appointment with the CCCTC Collision Repair program to get your lights looking like new at 814-765-5308.

Jacob VanDergrift (Adult Student)-Diesel Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Make sure to have your engines cooling system checked for leaks and coolant quality to ensure that you will have proper engine warm up and heat inside the vehicle during the winter months.