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The Clearfield County Career and Technology Center’s Manufacturing Trades Tips

In photo is welding student Robbie Zortman from Curwensville Area High School.

Welding and Metal Fabrication-

When flame cutting with acetylene be sure to use tips deigned to be used with acetylene. If the acetylene tip is use with tip designed for other fuel gases, then the tip may overheat, causing a backfire or even causing the tip to explode.

Precision Machine-

Did you know that many items you use every day are machined? You probably have quite a few of each. Think about the zippers on your coat and pants, the soles on your shoes, and even LEGO! These things aren’t really machined in the way you might think – LEGO produces millions of bricks, and machining each one really is not practical. Instead, each brick is created by an injection mold, which IS machined. Injection molds allow you to machine the mold once, and produce countless parts from that one single mold.

Drafting and Design-

Excessive moisture in a house can cause many problems including mold growth, ice build-up on windows and wood rot. The best way to prevent these issues is to run exhaust fans when cooking, running the dishwasher and bathing, especially during the winter months.