CCCTC Programs Offering Tips of the Week

Health Occupations Technology- 

February is American Heart Month. High blood pressure is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease and stroke. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, or are at risk for high blood pressure, it is important to follow the treatment plan ordered by your doctor, including regular blood pressure checks.


Help with Hangnails:

The cuticle is a small flap of skin around the nail that protects from the invasion of germs into the human body. Sometimes the cuticle can stick to the fingernail and as the nail naturally grows out, the cuticle rips or tears, causing a hangnail.  These can be a nuisance and painful!

There are a number of options to help prevent dry cracked hangnails:

1. During a shower or bath, while the skin is soft and warm, gently use a thumbnail to push back the cuticle area of the nail on a daily basis to prevent the skin from sticking to the natural nail.

2. Completely dry the hands and skin around the nail every time they get wet. 

3. Apply lotion or cuticle oil daily to the nails before bed to replenish the missing moisture from the daily washing.

4. Get a professional manicure to remove dried dead skin safely and intensely treat the hands with a paraffin treatment.

In photo is James Tew, Culinary Arts and Food Management student from Philipsburg Osceola High School.

Culinary Arts and Food Management-

Time to get the grill ready.  If you are a die-hard fan of outdoor cooking, you haven’t stopped.  Here a few tips to consider when grilling and maintaining your Grill.

Keep it Clean.  Heat cannot properly transfer to the food if there is grease and old particles coating all the surfaces.  Even the lid counts.  

Step one: Give that grill a thorough scrub and get the grate and heat source completely free of any debris or char.  Get the vent working.  In the next tip, I will show you why you need it.