CCCTC Seniors Sign Letter of Intent at Career & Technical Letter of Intent Signing Day

Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) seniors have chosen to maximize their high school opportunities for career training and industry certifications, with an eye on becoming successful and financially secure much earlier in life. The students met with representatives from their future employment or post-secondary training to sign their letter of intent. Career and Technical Education Signing Day is a way of recognizing their hard work and the value of the career-preparation training they have received through the CCCTC. Students in the photo signed a letter of intent and have been accepted into Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC). In photo, seated, is Mason McKenrick, Clearfield Area High School attending PTC for Architectural Drafting; Troy Grunseth, PTC Representative; Franklin Nelson III, Clearfield Area High School attending PTC for Computer Programming; and Keaton Skutt, Clearfield Area High School attending PTC for Cyber Security. Back row is CCCTC Principal, Matt Kephart, Marilyn, Melinda Nelson, Frank and Carrie Skutt.