CCCTC Students Inducted Into the National Technical Honor Society

Front row L to R: Kalista Fry, Keegan Fester, Derek English, Dehlia Elbe, Monte Diethrick, Annabelle Depto, Absent: Alec Defelice, Tristin Clark, David Catherman, Kaitlin Canter, Faith Caldwell, Reese Benton, Radek Albright, and Gaius Aileo.
Second row L to R: Alyvia Muir, Alexis Moyer, Elliot Minor, Cayden Maines, Ryhan Larock, Logan Kunkle, Emily Kopchik, Gavin Kephart, Jason Kelse, Gabrielle Keck, Owen Johnson, Cole Hutton, McCaylee Hlafcsak, and Olivia Gallaher.
Third row L to R:  Raiden Stauffer, Tyler Sinclair, Rylee Shimmel, Maddie Shaw, Courtney Salvage, Mazie Sattler, Nicholas Sarver, Eric Samsel, Cayden Ross, and Nathanael Riggleman.
Fourth row L to R:  Connor Yergin, Kayleigh Woodring, Chelsey Wesesky, Carly Watro, Curtis Walborn, Savana Walborn, Christopher Twoey, Linus Titus, and Jordan Thomas.
Front row L to R: Logan Kolp, Shalyn King, Skylar Hartshorne, Venessamegan Griffith, Jaden Friend, Franklin Eisaman, Joshua Davis, and Olivia Bolton.
Back row L to R:  Sydney Yontosh, Rachael Sweeney, Veada Stricek, Sydney Simcox, Anthony McGarvey, and Adam Larson.

The Clearfield County Career and Technology Center (CCCTC) is pleased to announce the induction of 62 new members into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Students must maintain a minimum of a 93% GPA in their technical field and a 95% attendance rate.  There were two ceremonies this year to accommodate students in the morning and afternoon sessions.  The CCCTC is proud to highlight the talents and accomplishments of its students. To learn more about the opportunities for high school and adult students at CCCTC, visit us at or call us at 814-765-5308.