CCCTC’s Automotive Mechanics Instructor, Dan Kerlin, Wants to Give Back His Knowledge to Students

Instructor Stories: Daniel Kerlin on the Automotive Mechanics Program

Daniel Kerlin is the Automotive Mechanics Instructor at the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center (CCCTC).  At the end of this hands-on, two-year program, Automotive Mechanic students will have earned 1,250 hours of training that includes 10-hours of OSHA 10, S/P2 Safety, PA State Inspection License, ASE Entry Level Certification, and Valvoline Oil Change Specialist.

Mr. Kerlin is a 1989 CCCTC Diesel Mechanics graduate that went on to graduate from Penn College in 1991 from the automotive program.  Mr. Kerlin went into the workforce and became the owner of his own automotive mechanics shop.  While owning his own shop, Mr. Kerlin wanted to start substituting at the CCCTC.  He states, “I wanted to give back the knowledge that was given to me while in school. I ended up loving it so much and had the opportunity to teach at CCCTC, so I took it.”

Mr. Kerlin explained that he bases most of his curriculum on what he learned from Penn College, Ford and Harley Davidson training, owning his own shop, and working in the field of automotive mechanics. Students in the program learn motorcycle training, engine and ignition systems, transmissions, brakes, clutches, and so much more. Students also design and build a custom chopper and learn the basics of interview and application skills. Mr. Kerlin wants his students to have fun in his program while learning a life skill, have a great work ethic, and confidence in the trade.

CCCTC Automotive Mechanics graduates have achieved many different careers from the program, such as owning their own businesses, working in the research and development program for Honda, becoming a lead tech at Toyota, and becoming technicians.