Former CCCTC Information Technology Student Presents to Class

Front row from left to right: Justin Clark, Tyler Hubler, Branden Evans, Gilbert Baez. Back row from left to right: Cooper Brittion, Reese Wells, Frank Nelson, Keaton Skutt, Harley Rougeux, Jeffery Trimpey, and Kyle Crain.

Kyle Crain, former CCCTC Information Technology student, returned to the Information Technology (IT) program to talk to current students about his current job and the opportunities available. Kyle is currently employed by The Pennsylvania State University as an Information Security Architect within the Office of Information Security at University Park.  He talked to students about security consulting, secure enclaves, cloud initiatives, and more. He said he faces new challenges every day in his job and advised of the various threats on the internet. He told students there are so many different opportunities to choose from in the Information Technology field and to not let anyone discourage you from doing what you love. To learn more about the opportunities available for both high school students and adults, visit us at