Cooperative Education


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Instructor: Mr. Mike Skupien

Co-op is a method whereby high school students are encouraged to work at a career occupation during part of their school day. It is a unique plan of education designed to integrate theoretical classroom and shop study with planned and supervised practical experience in selected educational employment assignments. This employment experience will assist students in establishing and achieving goals appropriate to their employment needs. This educational method includes alternating periods of classroom study and periods of practical experience

Clearfield County Career and Technology Center offers two Cooperative Education programs: Capstone and Diversified Occupations

Areas of Instruction


These are students enrolled in approved Career and Technical programs. The Cooperative Education program helps them “Cap Off ” their formal in-school training with related employment experiences at school-approved worksites.

Diversified Occupations:

These students are those whose career objectives cannot be met by any of the existing in-school training education programs. Through this program, students are matched with related employment experiences and also participate in related classroom theory during school. See the Student Program Diversified Occupations for more information and curriculum.

Click here to visit the State School to Work Website

Click here to visit the National School to Work Website

4 Easy steps to apply 

Step 1: Find a job with at least 15 hours a week.
Step 2: Get a Co-op Enrollment Application from your high school guidance office.
Step 3: Complete the application.
Step 4: Mail the application into the CCCTC Co-op Coordinator. She will call you when the application is

Required Federal and State Clearances:

Pa State legislation, Act 153 of 2014 and Act 15 of 2015 requires that companies entering into co-op or internship agreements (paid and unpaid) with public schools designate one adult employee to secure federal and state clearances.  That individual will be selected in collaboration with the School-To-Career Coordinator and will be designated supervisor of the co-op or internship student.  The designated supervisor must have the following three clearances that will be valid for 60 months.

Act 114:  Federal Criminal History Record (Fingerprinting)
Act 34:  Pennsylvania State Criminal Record Check
Act 151:  Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Act 114-Apply online:
Fee $27.00 (subject to change)
Register online with Cogent systems and pay with credit card.  Print your receipt and take it to a fingerprinting location ( You will be electronically fingerprinted and issued a receipt and confirmation number.  Forward the confirmation number to to generate processing.

Act 34-Apply online:
Fee $8.00 (subject to change)
Register and pay online and the results will be available immediately if no record  is found, otherwise it may take a few weeks to receive results.  Be sure to document the control number and your name exactly as it was entered in the system.  Results can be retrieved at the same we address using the control number and exact name.  Forward results to

Act 151-Apply online:
Fee $8.00 (subject to change)
Enter identifying information including your email address.  You will be emailed a password.  Log back in with the password and change it to a password of your choosing.  This system will ask for addresses of your past residences and listings of everyone you have lived with.  After entering information, pay with your credit card.  You may select results in the form of an email and/or a hard copy that will be mailed to you.  Forward results to


We recommend online registration fro quicker processing but you also have the option of mailing forms to the different departments.