Hot Spots Need to be Returned

Borrowed hot spots from the CCCTC will need to be returned the week of May 24th upon arrival to the CCCTC. Therefore, once students enter the building, they should immediately go into the technology office to return (between 8:15-8:45 and 12:00-12:15). Seniors will need to have theirs returned by the end of the day Wed., 26th. If a student fails to return one, their graduate certificate will be held until it is returned or the $90 fee is paid. Juniors may return any day that week (May 24-28). At that time, invoices will be sent to the students for the $90.

As per the loan agreement:

“If the device is damaged, lost or stolen, the student must notify the school Administrator immediately, and will be held responsible for the cost to repair and/or replace the hotspot device.

The hotspot must be returned to the school’s Information Technology Department when the student has completed (or withdrawn) their enrollment at the CCCTC, and/or when requested by the school’s Administrator for any other reason.”