Jada Baumbarger Received CCCTC’s Sunflower Award

Pictured left to right: Cheryl Krieg, Nursing Program Director; Jada Bumbarger and Lauren Dietz.

Jada Bumbarger – Recipient of First CCCTC Practical Nursing Sunflower Award Nov. 9, 2021

Today the Practical Nursing Program began recognizing nursing students who go above and beyond expectations in the care of their patients, support to fellow students, facility members or communities with a Sunflower Award. The student is nominated by fellow students, patients, instructors or anyone who has been touched and inspired by their work, kindness, compassion, and dedication. Each month a student will be chosen out of the nominees and awarded with a sunflower pin and certificate of appreciation.

The sunflower was chosen as it represents happiness, optimism, honesty, longevity, peace, admiration, and devotion. The sunflower surpasses all others in terms of its universal power to bring people joy. These are all qualities future nurses hope to possess and show to their patients.
Lauren Dietz, a current student of the nursing program, was instrumental in the development of this recognition program. She identified the first student to receive this award, and had this to say about Jada when presenting her award:
“Jada has been a natural leader. When we were put into a situation where we were left just staring at each other in confusion, she took charge and knew just what to do. She led us through the assignment with fast, critical thinking and successfully walked us all through it calmly. I have also watched her take care of residents at our clinical facility. She shows a lot of compassion and caring, all while making them smile and showing a lot of patience and grace. She makes sure they are comfortable and taken care of and always thinks ahead to not only make tasks easier for herself, but for the resident too.  I really admire her as a classmate and a future nurse and I hope to be as outgoing and confident in myself as she is. She goes above and beyond with her willingness to help. She always shows kindness and is very non-judgmental when I come to her and explain that I don’t know or understand something. For these reasons, I feel Jada is deserving of the very first Sunflower Award.”