Trans Am Trucking Visits CCCTC Truck Driver Training Program

Trans Am Trucking visited the Clearfield County Career & Technology Center’s (CCCTC) Truck Driver Training (TDT) program today.  Mr. Eli Scott who is the owner/operator of the truck in the photo and works for Trans Am Trucking  visited the class to share company info thru DVD and a question & answer session with the students. He explained to the students the benefits of working for Trans Am Trucking. The company has several perks such as free Direct TV with a TV, DVR, tuition reimbursement and great equipment. The students were invited outside to see his truck and they challenged Mr. Scott to doing a 90 degree alley dock backing maneuver. Mr. Scott then effortlessly  completed the exercise. To learn more about our Truck Driver Training class visit us at:


Great recruiting meeting.